circulo verde

Credit Section

This section is the one that consolidates all payments and income that occur within and from the cooperative, involving members, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Technical Staff

Our technical team is responsible for monitoring and controlling the farms, managing grants and subsidies, contracting agricultural insurance, and providing other services.

Supply Store

A service for advising on sustainable crop management. Our priority remains the same, consistently promoting the use of applications that have minimal impact on the environment, steering towards the use of methods and techniques that are increasingly less harmful and focused on organic farming.

This activity, which began with the intention of providing the necessary pesticides and fertilizers for our partners’ crops, has now expanded exponentially.

We offer seeds and plants, irrigation facilities, plastics and meshes, and other tools that allow us to offer our partners a wide range of products to meet most of their crop needs.

Training Activities

To stay continuously at the forefront of sustainability and cultivation, we must be in constant learning. That’s why we offer our partners and employees a continuous training service. Knowing that sometimes it’s challenging to find a place to concentrate and work, COATO has 3 training rooms in its facility.

Cafeteria and Restaurant

Open to everyone, in our cafeteria-restaurant, you can taste our products cooked with care and sustainability. And to meet the needs of all our partners, employees, and visitors, we have two spacious dining areas.

Fuel Supply Station

Self-service supply open to the public for diesel A, B, and gasoline.


Southeast of Spain, 45 km from Murcia towards Andalusia via the Mediterranean Highway. TOTANA (Region of Murcia), towards Totana center, 350 m from exit No. 611 of the Mediterranean Highway